Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vocabulary Development -- Greek Stems

Greek Stem MEANING Examples of English words built from the stem
aero AIR aerial aerobics aeronautics aerodynamics
arch CHIEF archenemy archbishop monarch oligarchy
astro/aster STAR astronaut astronomy disaster asterisk
bio LIFE biology biography biopsy biochemist
crat RULE democrat autocrat aristocrat bureaucrat
chron TIME chronicle chronometer chronic chronological
cycl CIRCLE cycle bicycle cyclone encyclopedia
dem PEOPLE democracy demographics epidemic demagogue
gen RACE generate genocide progeny genealogy
geo EARTH geography geology geometry geophysical
gon ANGLE pentagon hexagon octagon diagonal
gram WRITTEN diagram grammar epigram telegram
graph WRITE autograph telegraph photograph graphic
hydr WATER hydroelectric hydrogen hydrant dehydrated
log WORD prologue epilogue monologue dialogue
mech MACHINE mechanic mechanize mechanism mechanical
meter MEASURING DEVICE thermometer barometer odometer glucometer
nym NAME homonym synonym acronym pseudonym
opt EYE optical optometerist optic optician
path FEELING sympathy empathy pathos pathetic
phobia FEAR xenophobia agoraphobia aquaphobia aerophobia
phon SOUND telephone phonics symphony saxophone
photo LIGHT telephoto photograph photography photosynthesis
poli CITY metropolis police political cosmopolitan
phys NATURE physical physique physician physicist
psych MIND psyche psychology psychiatrist psychopath
scop SEE microscope telescope periscope stethoscope
soph WISE philosopher sophomore sophisticated sophist
therm HEAT thermal thermometer thermostat thermos

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