Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Learning in the New Year -- The Power of Humor

Now that we're in February, I trust that we've all settled in to the new year well. I have been extremely busy! I have had the opportunity to speak at a couple of conferences (the East Tennessee Title I Conference in Gatlinburg and the National Title I Conference in Seattle), where I also was able to attend numerous sessions and learn from some great educators. Marcia Tate, who is always exceptional, did not disappoint in the two sessions I attended in Seattle that she presented! One thing that I took away from her presentations is the power of infusing humor into our teaching. Humor helps the brain retain information -- so it's good for the receiver. However, humor and laughter also increase the percentage of type T lumphocytes (T cells), as well as endorphins in the bloodstream, for the sender (i.e., the teacher). Our body's immunity and ability to fight infection are strengthened when we laugh. During this cold and flu season, I'm always looking for more ways to stay healthy! I guess laughter truly is the best medicine! Thanks for reminding me, Marcia.

During January, I also had the opportunity to work with some amazing educators at some wonderful schools -- specifically, Wendell Creative Arts Elementary School and Hunter Magnet School, both in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Casa Grande Middle School in Casa Grande, Arizona. As we have focused on vocabulary development and differentiating instruction, I have been so excited by the energy and enthusiasm that I see educators in these schools display! I can't wait to work with you again!